The Next Level

Some of the students in the Mentorship Program, who display interest, will have the opportunity to train to become a Black Belt Instructor like CJ Johnson. The Apprenticeship Program is really what Kaizen is all about. This is where the opportunity to generate momentum in the virtuous cycle is cultivated.

In order to be eligible, the student must be at least a junior in high school, and ahead in their academics. They must be enrolled in a local martial arts school and display high work ethics and the right attitude.

All apprentices begin by shadowing Black Belt instructors like CJ. Even if being a martial arts instructor is not this student’s main calling, the skills they will learn have massive value in any workplace!

By donating, you are feeding the VIRTUOUS CYCLE for aiding our community

For Sponsorship opportunities of $250 or more please call us: 843-797-1031.