Participate in one of our regular Tai Chi and Self Defense workshops. They are fun, and raise funds for the mentorship and apprenticeship programs.

Mepkin Abbey

Experience the physical and mental health benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong on the serene, sacred grounds of Mepkin Abbey.

The first hour of the seminar is geared towards the beginner practitioner and will focus on Qi Gong (breath and gentle, mindful stretching), joint health, and root (balance and stability). The latter 90 minutes will focus on Tai Chi form, push hands, Chin Na and Self Defense

Summer Camp

Join Black Belt Instructors Master Billy and Mr CJ in a summer camp like no other. Martial arts exercises, and drills are used for teaching self control, awareness, and a positive attitude towards overcoming challenging tasks

By donating, you are feeding the VIRTUOUS CYCLE for aiding our community

For Sponsorship opportunities of $250 or more please call us: 843-797-1031.