Ways to Get Involved


As with all non-profits, we rely heavily on the support of others to provide these worthwhile programs to youth who greatly benefit from them.

Private Donations

Any donation, big or small, can help us make a positive impact on a child or teen through our programs. And because we are a 501c3 non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible.

Corporate Donations

Self-discipline and leadership skills, which are both achieved through the study of martial arts, are highly valued in the workplace. Your donation helps us train a more focused, confident, and self-driven workforce that will likely impact your company in the future.

More Ways to Support Kaizen Way

1. Volunteer

The Shaolin Kempo Classic Tournament is the main fundraiser for Kaizen Way. Just as it is with any event, there are lots of opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Please reach out to Billy Ilderton if you are interested in helping. (843) 871-5595 or click below

2. Participate in a Workshop

Participate in one of our regular Tai Chi and Self Defense workshops. They are fun, and raise funds for the mentorship and apprenticeship programs. They are a great way to get to know the Kaizen Way community and have fun doing it.

3. Become a Student

Become a student of Martial Arts and with time, you could be one of the instructors offering your attention and skill to help point a youth in the right direction. If you are ready to participate in instructor training, please contact Yan Agrest at (843)608-1677 or click below

4. Book an Event

Book a seminar or a Chinese Lion Dance! By doing so you help fund our other programs, have a great time doing so, and in some instances give the higher level apprentices the opportunity to practice their skill and work.


You may choose to hold a seminar at your location or schedule one at our North Charleston location. The proceeds from these seminars fund our non-profit programs.


Our self-defense seminars are conducted by certified black belt instructors with decades of teaching experience. You will learn practical techniques that can be applied to real-life situations and increase your confidence in your ability to diffuse confrontations. We will also address strategies for reducing the risks of becoming a target of an attacker.

Virtual Tai Chi Live

Watch Live and recorded Tai Chi seminars from the comfort of your home. We rotate between three different areas. Qi Gong is calming and meditative; the Eight Postures Yang Style Form hone the mind and body; Push Hands teaches self-defense and improves soft skills with an emphasis on conflict resolution.

Chinese Lion Dance

The Lion Dance can be a great addition to any event, providing a unique entertainment experience like no other!

The loud sounds and bright colors of the Chinese Lion Dance are said to ward off negative energies, inviting good luck, prosperity, and success. Customarily, money is placed inside little red envelopes (hong bao) and fed to the Lion.

At the client’s request, the hong bao can be implemented and the proceeds used to fund our non-profit programs.

By donating, you are feeding the VIRTUOUS CYCLE for aiding our community

For Sponsorship opportunities of $250 or more please call us: 843-797-1031.