Valuable Virtues

The intent of the Kaizen Way Mentorship Program is to instill the value of a healthy lifestyle, a good work ethic, a drive for excellence, and the ability to be a good leader in children who need it the most. Martial arts training and camaraderie, are the means for growing these valuable virtues. This is done with the intent to set the students up for success regardless of the career they choose when they are older.

Students are selected for the program with the help of Be A Mentor and the guidance counselors in local Title 1 schools. The program is conducted by professional black belt instructors including CJ Johnson, who are trained to patiently build the rapport with each child. All students start in a one on one setting. As the students progress, they gradually get pooled into small groups. Once they are ready, they are connected with a local martial arts studio, with scholarships available based upon need. Personal attention and high quality training are key for breaking the vicious and building the virtuous cycle, as it is seen in CJ’s story.

By donating, you are feeding the VIRTUOUS CYCLE for aiding our community

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