History of Kaizen Way

Your Teacher

CJ Johnson

CJ Johnson was born in the Bronx and moved to the Charleston area at a very young age. When he was twelve, he started taking classes at the North Charleston Masters Studios, where he rose to the rank of third-degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate. It was also around that time when CJ’s mother became a foster parent. This gave him a very unique opportunity to be an older brother and role model to many children. CJ is very good at helping youth overcome their challenges. He is also very capable at working with children with special needs. As an instructor, he believes in helping those he comes in contact with to be the best versions of themselves. CJ is the director of the North Charleston Masters Studios.

Title 1 Connection

In 2015 CJ and Yan became involved in a local Title 1 School, Pepperhill Elementary. A brave guidance counsellor took under her wing a group of the most challenging 2nd graders in the school who she called her “breakfast club”. After Yan did a talk at that school on conflict resolution, they decided to collaborate and start a small program for those kids. The students would receive martial arts training twice per week with the goal to instill greater work ethic as well as conflict resolution skills. This was a massive learning experience for all. It became very apparent how much the kids needed such training.

By the time Billy Ilderton, the head instructor of another local martial arts school joined in, it was decided to form an entity with the intent to create a self sustaining and ever growing program. Kaizen Way, Inc was formed in September of 2017 and attained it’s 501(c)(3) status in April of 2018.

Meet the Board

Why we do what we do and how we will get it done


Meet the team that makes it all possible for the kids

Mission And Vision

Why we do what we do and how we will get it done

“The teachers report that the students show increased focus and discipline in the classrooms. The students have also shown a decrease in the number of office referrals received at school for conduct problems that are related to a lack of focus or lack of positive attitude.”