Tai Chi Live

Virtual Tai Chi Classes

Watch Live and recorded Tai Chi seminars from the comfort of your home. We rotate between three different areas. Qi Gong is calming and meditative; the Eight Postures Yang Style Form hone the mind and body; Push Hands teaches self-defense and improves soft skills with an emphasis on conflict resolution.


Tai chi Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for its mental and physical health benefits, as well as self defense. Stability, and awareness are honed through meditative and stress reducing exercises; making efficiency of thought and movement a major benefit of Tai Chi. This makes it perfect for complementing other martial arts, fitness activities and philosophies. Tai Chi is a very low-impact way to exercise allowing practitioners to progress at their own pace.

Beginner Tai Chi Live

In Beginner Tai Chi Live your will learn:

Intermediate Tai Chi Live

In Intermediate Tai Chi Live you get all the lessons from Beginner Tai Chi Live plus you will learn:

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