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The Shaolin Kempo Classic is an In-house Tournament | Saturday Nov 3rd 2018

The Shaolin Kempo Classic is an in-house tournament open to Masters Studios students. It has been running since 1987 with the intent to create a safe and professional atmosphere for healthy competition. Black Belt judges from all five Masters locations are trained to monitor events carefully and to be 100% impartial towards all competitors. Rather than just being a source for trophies, the Shaolin Kempo Classic offers good sportsmanship and opportunities for raising one's skill. “There is no such thing as failure, only feedback” is what is taught during tournament practices leading up to the competition.



Kata refers to the Shaolin Kempo Karate forms that Masters Studios students learn starting at yellow belt level. Competitors will be judged on their basics, technique, as well as their ability to present their fighting form. Competitors will be placed in categories by rank and age as close as possible. Participants are required to wear a full uniform with patches.



Yellow belts and higher are eligible to compete in point sparring and are required to wear a full uniform with patches. Full sparring gear is also required: Headgear, gloves, foot-gear, mouthpiece and a sports cup for male students. Competitors will need to control and pull their attacks while demonstrating their ability to get past their opponents guard. Divisions are broken down by gender, rank and age.



All levels are welcome to participate with empty hand forms that are learned in the Kung Fu programs at Masters Studios. Kung Fu uniforms are encouraged but are not Required. Gi pants and a Masters Studios t-shirt are an acceptable alternative.



This category includes weapons competition of any style of martial art. Competitors are encouraged to wear appropriate uniform for the style that they are representing. They will be judged on the control of their weapons as well as other elements like stances, flow and technique.

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